Big Data

In the realm of Big Data, crafting robust enterprise data architecture is key. With expertise honed through collaborations with industry giants like SHELL, PETRONAS (RAPID), and multinationals such as IBM, Lenovo, and Intel, we specialize in blueprinting and implementing data architecture roadmaps. Consurv excels in extracting and cleansing vast datasets, leveraging technologies like Hadoop and partnering with industry-leading Data Warehouses. Our Data Scientists and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) develop cutting-edge algorithms for predictive maintenance, supply-chain optimization, and gas production enhancement. With a track record of managing Petabytes of data, we transform raw data into actionable insights, driving innovation and efficiency.

Digital Solution

Digital Solutions, including RFID systems, ECG monitoring, drilling simulation, and Digital Stations, redefine operations across industries. Our RFID solutions revolutionize access control and inventory management, while ECG monitoring enhances offshore healthcare with swift diagnostics and medical recommendations. Drilling simulation software optimizes training and efficiency in the energy sector. Additionally, our Digital Stations seamlessly integrate CCTV feeds, offering insights and dealer management recommendations. They identify customer demographics, optimize convenience store offerings, and provide real-time alerts for security and facility monitoring. With Consurv's comprehensive Digital Solutions suite, clients experience heightened efficiency, safety, and profitability throughout their operations.

System Integration

The System Integrations portfolio encompasses three innovative projects. Atlas Data Integration revolutionizes supply chains by automating data generation and ensuring cybersecurity compliance, facilitating seamless reporting and data transformation for enhanced accuracy and usability across platforms like SAP. PRIME Asset Engineering enhances maintenance with interactive dashboards and seamless data integration, empowering real-time insights and informed decision-making. Meanwhile, DM Portal centralizes deferment data submission for PAC Contractors, providing actionable insights and fostering collaboration through secure authentication and third-party data consumption. Together, these projects optimize operations, drive efficiency, and strengthen data management across the supply chain.